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Same Old Story [Jun. 16th, 2006|11:50 pm]
Coffee Shop Scribbles


[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]
[music |Love is Blind :: March of the Falsettos]

New Story I wrote recently.

What is he doing here?

"Your son asked me to come."

Translation, he feels uncomfortable. Ok. Hell, there's no way he feels more uncomfortable than me. Heh, maybe he can. Watch your step there.

Oh. Oh God. Oh God. No, I can't make the same mistake again. I will not give into your looks. I will not give into your smile. You're cheap and bitchy.
He's an annoying asshole. But oh so gorgeous.
But oh so charming.
And oh those eyes.
Oh, please stop that smiling.

"Say Hi?"

And he's still smiling.

"Come and sit down."
"I'd love to sit down."

Just sit down in front of me. Let me see the scar on the back of your neck. I really want to see the scar. Since it's the only blemish on your flawless skin. The only imperfection on your perfect figure.
You don't know how good it is to see you. How good it is to feel your eyes upon my skin. How good it is to see your smile. In person, instead of in my head.
Oh how I long to touch your scar. To heal the invisible ones that I cut. To heal the ones I feel.
I've needed to be with you. Needed to feed your sarcasm, needed to listen to you bitch, needed to hear your needy whimpers, needed to sing in harmony with you.

"How's he doing?"

He's feeling detatched and off balance. Like a bit of him is missing, ever since you went away.

"Great. Really Great. He got all A's last term."

You're not the only one who feels lost. You're not the only one whose life is incomplete, whose bed is far to big, and who misses what was like hell.

"That's to be expected."

"I love your laugh." "I love your laugh."
"It's been so long since I've last heard it."
"Yours or Mine?"


What are we doing?
What am I doing?
We know how this works. How it ends up. We've read the story before, and moral hasn't changed.
No it hasn't.
Yes it has
No it hasn't
How is it that we can fight in our thoughts...
Cause there's a piece of you that's always up here and in here.

Damn, that was cheesy. What about you makes me turn to mush. I'd never actually show it. Not to your face. But I feel it. And I want it. And I love it. And I need it back.
How I want you back.

"Is there any way..."
"Did I say that out loud."
Did I say that out loud. Please say I didn't say that out loud.

"You did. Or at least you started to."
Tell me that he wants to...just tell me that he wants to.
"What? Finish the sentence."

No. No. Don't do it. You'll just be giving in. Giving in to hurt...well, and pleasure. I think that makes up for it.

"It can work."
"Do you think?"
"You and Me."
"You and Me?"
"You and Me."
"One more time?"

Now, Jeremy I'm not that easy. You know I'm not that easy. You can't just win me back like that. I'm the one that wins. I'm the one that puts up a fight. I'm the one that pushes and pulls.
I know you can be fairly acquiesce...I know what make you compliant. Just give in. We know what a simple friday will lead to. You know you can't say no at least to that.


Still smiling...