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A Quiet, Happy Place [Jun. 18th, 2006|11:50 pm]
Coffee Shop Scribbles


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Hehe. I think only Melissa will get the title.
Title: A Quiet, Happy Place
Disclaimer: Vodkano is mine. You take the name you die. Only not. (actually it's probably already a name of a drink, but I searched it and nothing came up--so I'm claiming it as my own)
Type of Scribble: Just a general piece of Slash Fiction I wrote in my spare time. Oh spare time, that's a funny concept.

Beware. This is a slashy piece of writing. Nothing really visually slashy, but slashy nonetheless.

"I was just dragged here."
"By who?"
"A friend."

Why am I here? I have a wife who's fixed a beef stew at home, and a kid sitting at the table. I have no reason to be here. What am I even doing here? I have nothing in common with these people. Except for the: sexually repressed and confused part. Damn it, damn it. AND I've already lied. I don't even know this guy yet and I've already told him a blatent lie. Normally I wait until I actually know their name before I tell a lie that I can't back up.

He's panicking...ease him into this situation. Oh! Oh! I see...he actually doesn't know anyone here. Ahh he's never been here. Probably never been to any of these. He's a virgin. Well I probably shouldn't say that. No. I can. The outfit gives it away. The shoes are too clean cut, too GQ (not that half of the men in that magazine aren't gay), the pants look like they've been chosen by a woman--A WIFE!?
Tempting. Tempting.
No, Wilson! You don't even know this guy. You don't normally move that fast...not to mention you've only had 2 Vick's Vodkanos. It's too early in the night to be thinking like that. Especially since he's a first timer.

"Do you just want me to pick someone to be your friend."

Shit. You blew it. May as well get out now. That drink looks good.

"It's a Vodkano. Vick's famous for them."

Great, now he thinks I'm an alcoholic.
Wait a minute, he's the one with the drink. You were just eyeing it. Not the only thing you were eyeing...
Woah! Don't think that. I need to get out of here. Diana and little Scott are waiting.



"To a bar?"
"Oh...that obvious?"
"Yeah. One, your just standing there without a drink. Two, all of the boys are staring at you."
"Isn't that kind of the point..."
"Haha, yes but none of them have approached you, and normally they are like a bunch of flies. This means they don't know what to do with you. You're like unsettled territory."
"Territory? Like Northern Canada?"
"Or Vermont."

Wittier than Diana. Better looking, more muscular, more my height. Everything I've fantacized.
This is looking promising. Move slowly.

"I'm Wilson."

Good hands. Experienced, nimble yet firm. Perfection.
Hold my hand for longer.

"Do you sit."
"Chair, sit?"
"Oh sure."
"Tell me, Marvin, what are you doing here?"

His pants are terrific. Perfectly cut, just long enough and just tight enough.
Nervous hand...that's sexy. He's nervous around me. He wants to impress me. He wants to get to know me. He wants to take me home and ravage me as much as I want to take him home and ravage him.
This will be a fun night.

"Uh well...actually it's a long story."
"Bar's open until 2. Perfect place for a long story to be told."
"Actually it's not really a long story...I'm married."
"That would explain the wedding ring."

God damn wife. I don't need you right now!

"That pretty much explains why you are here."

Wilson puts his drink down, walks to Marvin's chair, takes his coller in his hands and pulls him up into a kiss. Marvin drops his drink and unexpectedly kisses back.

Oh my god. "Oh my god."
"That I could do again."

[User Picture]From: painted_fall
2006-06-22 02:54 am (UTC)
OMG. Quiet Happy Place, ahaha.

Liked it. <3
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